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Celebrity Designer-stylist Jason Christopher Peters | Fashion, Ideas, Style and the Runway

So I had the pleasure of speaking with designer Jason Christopher Peters.  We talk fashion, art and inspiration.   Jason sends a resounding message behind his artistry with words strung together like  “Love is love, black models matter, save the earth, its my choice, and stop child marriage.”

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Tyler Jacob X theFstate | Creative Artistry Issue 002

According to Sydney A. Foster "Are you going to write an editor's letter...I think you should write an editor's letter." And now here we are as I contemplate what the narrative will be.

This magazine is all a dream, a thought, a passion I have had since my childhood. Now here it is circling back around as I check off the milestones. Creative Art Director...check, Editor-in-Chief...check, Photographer... Agency Owner...check,and check.   I am the living embodiment of my hopes and dreams, I am the embodiment of all the ledges I stepped out on and the story is only just beginning. I have lived 36 years on this earth and I am just getting started. I love artistic creativity the unique ability to imagine something and to execute the materialization of thought.

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The Daily Mechanics of the Human Business

Every struggling entrepreneur struggles for a couple of reasons.  The main one is being spread too thin.  For larger companies who have a farther reach the issue is the same.  Often times what is at a loss is the human component.  We are given technology and taught that we should create automated systems…not wrong.  However, automated systems are never truly void of human connections or relationships.   In every case there is a human thinking cap behind the system of automation. 

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Todd Anthony Tyler Talks

The multifaceted Professional Todd Anthony Tyler talks life, art, fitness and creating. A Fashion and Advertisement  Photographer ,TV personality, Style expert, and apparel company owner. A professional for approximately 20 years, a big part of why Todd chose a career in photography is that” it is a real outlet for expression”.

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