I keep trying to wrap my head around the ability and capacity to love. I keep trying to place one foot in front of the other to walk in the spirt of love and kindness. In this microwaved world of technological advancement where humans become less human and systematically turn to the rules of automation without thought cause, care or concern of another human being. We lose sight and touch of the intrinsic value that is the human nature of thoughts feelings and emotions.

Why does no one care enough to stop, pause, listen and hit the reset button? We are not robots and we do not have to live in the world of menial existence. How we treat each other absolutely matters.

This all comes from an incident stemming from something so simple as a sponsorship. I completed an online form for sponsorship from a large well known global company. The response

Dear Ezra ,

Thank you so much for inviting [insert company name] to participate in Bow Ties and Briefs as a sponsor. We received your submission on 09/18/2019 and have reviewed it carefully. To maximize the impact of our sponsorships, we try to focus our financial support on a limited number of key areas. Your initiative is certainly worthy, but is not within the areas we are targeting for this year. We regret that we cannot serve as your sponsor at this time, but we hope you’ll keep us in mind as future opportunities arise.

Once again , thank you for considering [insert company name]. We wish you the best of luck with Bow Ties and Briefs

Our Best Regards,

[Insert Company Name} Sponsorships Team

Now the main issues are that the event is March 20, 2020 of next year and the initiatives are cultural diversity, inclusion and suicide prevention.

The World Health organization (WHO) estimates that each year approximately one million people die from suicide, which presents a global mortality rate of one death every 40 seconds. It is predicted by 2020 the rate of death will increase to one every 20 seconds -[]

How is it that we live in a world where we are not concerned with human life, love , acceptance and the value of others… I am definitively utterly not okay. I called one of the multiple telephone numbers of the company only to speak with a representative “Edward from the Atlanta office.” When I inquired about information regarding contacting someone about sponsorships “Edward” informed me that the information was unavailable and that no other person in the department would have it. When I inquired about whether or not the company had intra-mail or interpersonal email “Edward” said that the large telecommunications company did not have an email system at all.

When I further inquired “Edward” admitted that they had an email system but no one would be able to help with my request. “Edward” referred me to the companies website and to google contact information. I had already searched the contact information through google which provided the number to which allowed me to connect with “Edward” . I asked “Edward” identifying information and all I received was “Edward from the Atlanta office.” Edward in addition stated that I has wasting time.

After “Edward” and I were off of the phone , I looked up another number for the company and was able to get a hold of a representative who introduced himself as “John.” John was much more friendly an amicable in demeanor however was still unable to resolve the problem. I asked John about how to go about filing a complaint on “Edward” and John informed me that their was pretty much no way to file a complaint despite having provide a name, office location and time of the call.

So what I am now left with is the impression that the large telecommunications company does not care about HUMAN VALUE and that poor treatment is acceptable. No wonder why the rates of suicide are growing because everywhere you turn there is an emotional trigger and people are confidently okay with pulling it. I have felt the pangs of hopelessness of suicide and this sends me through mixed feelings of both sadness and anger. So here I sit writing in contemplation, asking the questions WHEN DOES HUMAN LIFE MATTER? WHEN IS HUMAN LIFE VALUABLE? WHY DOES SOCIETY NOT REFLECT HOW VALUABLE HUMAN LIFE TRULY IS?