Tyler Jacob X theFstate | Creative Artistry Issue 002

Tyler Jacob

Issue 002

Creative Artistry

According to Sydney A. Foster "Are you going to write an editor's letter...I think you should write an editor's letter." And now here we are as I contemplate what the narrative will be.

This magazine is all a dream, a thought, a passion I have had since my childhood. Now here it is circling back around as I check off the milestones. Creative Art Director...check, Editor-in-Chief...check, Photographer... Agency Owner...check,and check.   I am the living embodiment of my hopes and dreams, I am the embodiment of all the ledges I stepped out on and the story is only just beginning. I have lived 36 years on this earth and I am just getting started. I love artistic creativity the unique ability to imagine something and to execute the materialization of thought. Sometimes, the result is not what you intended and somewhere in the middle it has a mind of its own as the passion overtakes you. The end result however is always something beautiful. It is an accomplishment; one step closer to growth.

One step closer to being better. You are every bit of that person you dream or wish yourself to be. However, for it all to work you have to walk, run, jump, leap, slow crawl off the ledge. Whatever your goals, whatever you decide to do, you must be in movement. Time will be far too gone and will move steadily with or without your help.

Find the courage within yourself to move forward in the direction you choose for yourself. Do not not be tossed by the wayward grumblings of those who would dare choose to remain the same. In life, if we are living...then we are absolutely growing. The only question is will we grow with the hands of time ticking forward or will we defeat ourselves with the thoughtful delusion that we can stop time.

The power to impact and change the world lives, moves and resides in each one of us. Today if you are reading this I implore you to be better by doing what you love. Take the leap of faith. Know it will be difficult, it will be new, it will be hard. It will be like learning to walk but all in still you will be better for it. Love yourself enough to move.