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Tyler Jacob X theFstate | Creative Artistry Issue 002

According to Sydney A. Foster "Are you going to write an editor's letter...I think you should write an editor's letter." And now here we are as I contemplate what the narrative will be.

This magazine is all a dream, a thought, a passion I have had since my childhood. Now here it is circling back around as I check off the milestones. Creative Art Director...check, Editor-in-Chief...check, Photographer... Agency Owner...check,and check.   I am the living embodiment of my hopes and dreams, I am the embodiment of all the ledges I stepped out on and the story is only just beginning. I have lived 36 years on this earth and I am just getting started. I love artistic creativity the unique ability to imagine something and to execute the materialization of thought.

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How do I get started in Modeling?

You’ve got the right stuff baby...Finding the right Modeling Agency 

Every aspiring model hits the pavement thinking that it is difficult to become a model or to get signed to a modeling agency.  Well in fact it is simple.  There is a formula and a method to the madness.  The formula requires a use of a few simple things among them common sense which is the agile ability to learn, be teachable and to self evolve. 

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