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What is the Public saying about theFstate?

Take a look at what the public is saying about theFstate. We are getting social. We are real and we are here to stay. We do it for the love, drive and passion to impact others. What we do is less about fashion and more about changing lives and making an impact. We are just blessed to do it in a fashionable way.

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How do I get started in Modeling?

You’ve got the right stuff baby...Finding the right Modeling Agency 

Every aspiring model hits the pavement thinking that it is difficult to become a model or to get signed to a modeling agency.  Well in fact it is simple.  There is a formula and a method to the madness.  The formula requires a use of a few simple things among them common sense which is the agile ability to learn, be teachable and to self evolve. 

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The Daily Mechanics of the Human Business

Every struggling entrepreneur struggles for a couple of reasons.  The main one is being spread too thin.  For larger companies who have a farther reach the issue is the same.  Often times what is at a loss is the human component.  We are given technology and taught that we should create automated systems…not wrong.  However, automated systems are never truly void of human connections or relationships.   In every case there is a human thinking cap behind the system of automation. 

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Todd Anthony Tyler Talks

The multifaceted Professional Todd Anthony Tyler talks life, art, fitness and creating. A Fashion and Advertisement  Photographer ,TV personality, Style expert, and apparel company owner. A professional for approximately 20 years, a big part of why Todd chose a career in photography is that” it is a real outlet for expression”.

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