Model Rabih Rowell | What a difference a day makes...

theFstate first published model Rabih Rowell a model from Beirut in our Instagram feed in March 29, 2018 although we were branded as Fashion State of Mind at the time. June 1, 2018 Rabih was published in OBVIOUS Magazine making the cut for their “Model Watch” after theFstate made certain that OBVIOUS caught eyes on Rabih. November 19, 2018 Rabih was featured in a video with the iconic brand symbol of Vogue. The video was for Vogue Arabia featuring the Hauwei Honor cell phone. The video has garnered over 6,200 views on Instagram alone. March 14th of this year Rabih was featured as an online cover boy for Vanity Teen in collaboration with Vetements and Balenciaga.

I remember the talks and conversations we have had through direct messaging. I remember Rabih feeling the pressures of life as we all do when we aspire to be greater. I remember being that encouraging voice and the voice of wisdom I remember being a listening ear and a sounding board. Sometimes the people who are closest to us are unintentionally negative. It is not that they do not love us or mean to harm us. They simply doubt and have disbelief. One of the things that I have learned in this life is that doubt is the killer of all dreams.

We must be patient and we must be kind. We must cling to the hopes of our aspirations knowing that there is better for us. No matter the circumstances we are absolutely good enough. We are far greater than we may ever think. We must change our belief system and fight the negative thoughts about ourselves. What a difference a day makes when we believe. Take each day as it comes knowing that you are great. Before long we will have looked back and accomplished far more than what we may have ever thought possible. Know that you are the absolute epitome of LOVE and that you are LOVED. Be wise to be that encouraging voice for someone else. It is okay to see and believe in the success and support of others.

I am grateful to have played a small role the the life of another. Cheers to Rabih and all of his success.

Sincerely Rabih Rowell Fan,

Ezra Jones

Director of Public Relations


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