Frequently Asked Questions

What is Public Relations?

the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization or a person.


RELATIONS important?

It helps you gain more exposure and it places you in front of your desired audience. 

To raise awareness. People trust established brands. 

Build credibility. Unlike advertising, a magazine mention of your product or a product review is not a direct sell, it is a recommendation from a person that is an authority in your market; it could be a blogger, influencer or fellow business.

Tailor information. Every business has a unique message. People gravitate to brands that have a compelling or relatable story. Be memorable.

Manage reputation.  In business, you will encounter situations like advertising gone wrong or unsatisfied customers. communication and strong connections can help repair the damage through press releases or similar means.

Craft a likable image. clients love friendly, community-engaged brands. Maintain a constant presence in your industry; create a strong connection with your audience.

Cost-effective.  A magazine spread is a great idea if you have the budget for it. However, for tight budgets, having a publicist with the right connections can get you a full feature or an article mention in the same publication without paying thousands of dollars for each publication. Acquire multiple publications for the price of one.

Boost your authority.  Showcase your knowledge in the public eye give free advice and helpful information.

Know your fellow service providers up-close and personal.  make new connections, learn and get to know what others are up to in your industry. Implement what works for your brand.

Model | Julian Shaffer  Agency | Taylor Kelsaw Mgmgt

Model | Julian Shaffer

Agency | Taylor Kelsaw Mgmgt

What is branding?

the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.

  • Brand Identity-Define the unique value, voice, and message of the brand.

  • Develop the brand content ( brand colors, logo, typography, visuals, web design, social media etc.)

  • Art Direction-Implement strategies to establish the brand identity, e-commerce, photography, Video Production

How will theFstate help?

We maintain your professional favorable public reputation.


We guide the professional career of CREATIVE ARTISTS (models, fashion photographers, videographers, wardrobe stylists and makeup artists).

We place models with larger agencies nationally and internationally.

Artist create the art and usually have an overall idea. It is the job of a manager to take an idea and map a step by step plan for execution.


We create a process to strengthen your professional service or product brand.


We create a step-by-step plan that grows an artist’s business sense (BUSINESS EDUCATION).



theFstate is dedicated to the love of people and deeply concerned with the safety and well-being of others. theFstate is particularly concerned with the mental health and physical safety of all models and aspiring models, and considers the protection of personal identity information and images to be a significant priority. We are aware of that some individuals may falsely claim to be representatives or affiliates of theFstate. Such individuals may contact you directly via email or social media channels. theFstate will only contact you through the following Instagram accounts @theFstate, @theFstatemag, @theFstatemagazine, @theFstatepr or through an email with domain such as

Please note that theFstate will never request nude photos, and we will never ask MODELS to send us money.

If you believe you have been contacted by someone impersonating an agency representative, please contact our agency immediately at 469.348.8833 as a first step before responding or sharing any personal information.