A part of the photo series "For Colored Boyz" with Model Dubem Onwumere | Published in Horizont Magazine

Vibrations of the sun are cascaded across my melanin skin. The weather is beating against my body as the heat intensifies. Rays beam like my smile and raise my temperature to the next degree. I will not come undone tired as though I may be. Everyone deserves to smile brilliantly . I embrace my shaded coat of black darkened every minute by each waking kiss of the sun. My melanin driven smile is “For Colored Boyz” and all the positive notions of a lifetime of existence we can be.

“For Colored Boyz” a photo series highlighting positive depictions of black males, particularly those with darker skin tones as they are often seen in the media in a negative view.

We need sponsors to make this photo exhibition come to life. If you are interested in being a sponsor contact the Director of Public Relations for theFstate Ezra Jones via phone at 469.348.8833 or via email at culture@theFstatemag.com