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Model  @hommejulian   Agency  @taylorkelsawmgmt   Photographer | Ezra Jones

Model @hommejulian

Agency @taylorkelsawmgmt

Photographer | Ezra Jones





a state of mind”


theFstate uses strategic

communication and Public

Relations to develop Artists and brands

to inspire

LOVE, Human Value, ACCEPTANCE and Social Change.



theFstate works on behalf of the artists to develop, represent,

promote and sell their talent. In many ways, theFstate represents the

business interests of the artists, whether by pursuing individual sales, licensing deals, publicity or opportunities like Modeling,

speaking, teaching, public

appearances, events, or

commissions for artists.

Model  @hommejulian   Agency  @taylorkelsawmgmt   Photographer | Ezra Jones

Model @hommejulian

Agency @taylorkelsawmgmt

Photographer | Ezra Jones




Fashion , Beauty, Art,

Gender Fluid


New Face Male Models

New Fashion, Beauty and

Commercial Photographers/videographers

New Editorial and Commercial Wardrobe Stylists

New Menswear or Unisex Designers

New Beauty Makeup Artists

New Menswear, Unisex or Gender fluid Fashion, Beauty, Art Brands














For Creative Startup Millennial Entrepreneurs who want to make a social impact. theFstate builds mutually beneficial relationships between businesses and the public. Unlike traditional agencies theFstate is a magazine publisher and Creative Agency comprised of Creative Artists who are passionate content creation specialists. We offer affordable rates, all inclusive retainers and per project support. We campaign and strategize for your success across media and press channels specific to your brand.

10% of theFstate profits will be donated to one of two causes suicide prevention

and Limitless PR a qualified non-profit organization

in support of creating event exposure for emerging creative artists

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Discover, recruit, and develop aspiring models, photographers, wardrobe stylists and creative artists

Help clients develop and enhance their professional and/or personal image. Choose clothes for a variety of occasions from the closet to the runway

Help clients showcase, communicate their message with unique high quality images and published editorials

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The Artists

the faces and masterminds behind the creative artistry


Regina moretto | Celebrity | agency approved | internationalLY PUBLISHED | photographer & fashion stylist

A published Fashion Stylist, Creative Director, Image Consultant, Fashion Editor-N-Chief and foodie based in Houston Texas Regina specializes in creating editorial fashion spreads for magazines and red carpet looks for celebrities. Her work has been seen on TV One, BET, MTV and VH1. Her work has also graced the NAACP Image Awards and the Teen Choice Awards. Regina is inspired by vintage her vision has captured the attention of brands and notables such as Karl Kani, Vivica A. Fox , Imani Hakim, Cheat Codes, James Harden, Candace Ford, Keisha Beard, Meagan Good and many others.


Sydney A. Foster Is An Established “Photo Native“, A Celebrity, Agency Approved, Published Photographer And Creative Director In Montgomery, Alabama. Sydney’s Work Has Been Featured In An HBO Documentary. Sydney Has Photographed The Likes Of B.O.B,B.Hawk, Dave Matthews and the founder of the “Me too” Movement Tarana Burke. Sydney Has Worked With Agencies Such As The Dragonfly Agency LA, LA Models, St. Claire Modeling Agency, H Influencer Collective,Offshore Agency. Her Accreditation Includes Creme Of Nature,Screen Shot MagazineConformity MagazineRepp Magazine,7Hues Homme MagazineDashboard US And Stadium ATL.

Demetrius terrell | PUBLISHED | creative art director & designer

A kind-hearted visionary, budding Designer, published Wardrobe Stylist and Creative Art Director based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . He has been amongst the classes of the Fox’s Four contestant Sharaya J, Music Artist, Tyler Jacob and Fashion Bomb daily’s, Claire Sulmers. His work has been featured by the illustrious Vogue Italia , Vanity Teen and taken the cover of OBVIOUS Magazine, seen on Driven Magazine and Volant Magazine.



xavier nick | creative director

Model looks and model practice, avid poet and an artistically creative soul based in Austin, Texas. Xavier garnered the title of Creative Director for his sheer tenacity. He is passionate about all things style and fashion. He will soon make his mark on the creative industry as he inches forward with one foot in front of the other one step at a time.

kendal bruce | PUBLISHED | Photographer, VIDEOGRAPHER & art director

A well-seasoned progressive multimedia marketing professional based in Los Angeles, California. Has had the experience of working on high-level marketing campaigns. Through the years Kendal has assisted leaders and influencers leave their impact by way of comprehensive, dynamic, and innovative marketing solutions. His bevy and roster of accolades includes snagging bylines in brands such Forbes and Campaigns with brands such as New Balance and many others.

Darlene Odoemena | Behind-the-scenes Photographer

A photographer based in Arlington, Texas. “I like to catch my talents off guard. Those are the best pictures!” In the summer of 2018 Darlene became the lead photographer for a behind the scenes look at a music video and she has not slowed down since. Darlene is focused on fashion and behind the scenes still shoots.

Kevin Anazia | Graphic Designer

Graphic designer and production assistant by day, app developer by night! A passionate visual designer who is tenacious in striving for the best in life. Kevin is ecstatic about design, creative and flexible. Kevin will increase sales and positively enhance the overall image of your brand. Kevin has collaborated with the creative team that won the Creative International Awards the Get Accessible Campaign. In addition, the Get Accessible Campaign went viral on youtube with over 40,000 views in both French and English. He has interned as a fashion editor with Suavv Magazine. There he executed numerous photo sessions with a nominal budget; Kevin organized and planned various castings and meetings with photographers and stylists. Kevin also has modeling chops having started his promising career as a fitness model at the age of 19.

Gavin Gavalli | Agency Approved | Published Photographer

A photographer that started out as a model. His transition to photographer happened naturally. As a model Gavin would invent ideas and creative concepts. He started modeling when at age 17 and was signed to his first in Miami, Florida at 20 years of age. After modeling for awhile Gavin started taking snapshots of his model friends. Most of his work in the early stagers was with their help. After moving to Dallas Texas Gavin started pursuing photography professionally. Since then he has acquired magazine publications and photographed several runway shows. Gavin plans to set up a photo studio in Miami.


Kristie Holmes | Makeup Artist

A skilled Makeup Artist based in Grand Prairie, Texas. Kristie gains joy from pursuing her passion. Kristie’s artistry has graced the faces of wedding participants, night life enthusiast and models alike. Kristie has a warm spirit to match the uplifting strokes of her brush. Kristie is most certainly rest assured to put you in a better mood. Kristie’s talents have been used in working alongside emerging cosmetics brands such as ISOCIETY Cosmetics a brand presented at the 60th grammy awards and featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Steven Jones | Creative Director

A skilled creative based in Seattle, Washington. He gained his acquired taste from the escape of the stringent world of rigid process and found his way into the land of spiritual artistic freedom. Steven is a touted fashion show producer, brand owner and wardrobe stylist. Steven has made waves with campaigns with brands like All Saints and with shows that highlight the spectrum of the International SadBoy Committee. The message is to live out life and all of its emotion and to feel again. Steven wants to leave people with the inspiration to do better, be better and to know that whoever they are is enough.

Ezra Jones | Director of Public Relations

An Internationally Published Agency Approved photographer based in Venus, Texas. Ezra has always had a keen eye for aesthetics. Ezra a survivor of rape and suicidal depression. He is the Director of theFstate. Enamored with fashion, 90’s pop culture and defined by the spirit of helping others this former model sets out to give the aspiring, access to all the tools and knowledge he has learned to acquire.

Inspired by iconic captivating imagery Ezra seeks to set a new tone and standard for the fashion industry. That tone is one fostered by love, culture and acceptance. theFstate is the continuation of finding love of self, respect of others, and the massive dream to help everyone live in the spirit of love and understanding. Ezra uses his ability to connect others, particularly with those in the creative industry to tell the story of art fashioned by life. He aspires to let the world know that “you are lOVE and LOVED.”

Ezra has been in the vicinity of and built relationships with some of the elite in the Fashion and Entertainment industry including Fashion Stylist, Ty Hunter, Life Coach, Christina Johnson, Project Runway Allstar Designer, Korto Momolu, Designer Reco Chapple of award winning fashion, House of Chapple, Fashion Stylist, J. Bolin, Husband, Model and Author, Dana Isaiah, Music Artist and Model, Reek I’Van, Model & Actor Justus Pickett, Music Artist and Model, Tyler Jacob, Music Artist, Miracle Foster, Recording Artist, Lawyer Turner, and Super Producer Mav Traxx just to name a few.